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Born and brought up in Madrid and London, Kajal Fabiani, who trained and qualified from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has created a fine jewellery brand which reflects her own style. Established in Mumbai in 2011, KAJ Fine Jewellery seamlessly combines a bold sensuality with a raw feminine attitude that is confidently understated and luxuriously modern.

KAJ is the name which she is known as by family and friends. “My jewellery has been designed for women who have a strong sense of what they like and who wear jewellery with sheer elegance and tradition. Versatile and timeless, my collection has been designed to transform and complete the look of the wearer. My pieces are unique in that their appeal is global, in terms of nationality, age and demography.” An impulsive designer who enjoys working with unusual raw materials from icy diamonds and rose gold to yellow uncut diamonds and pink tourmalines, she has something unique to offer. The aesthetic energies of her designs reflect beautifully in the end product.

In 2013 she decided to design a traditional uncut diamond jewellery line for her international clients. This “Jadao” collection is all about mixing uncut diamonds with coloured stones and baroque pearls, making it different from what is already available. In addition to this, she has been focusing a lot of her time on developing her Men’s line and Maang Tikka designs. Both of these collections were launched in January 2014.

In a short span of time, Kajal has become extremely well known for her Evil Eye range in her Pret Collection. As you will see, this collection has an alluring sense of energy, complimented by the use of colour and bold materials. “The idea is for people to not only find easy to wear pieces for themselves, but to also be able to purchase gifts for their loved ones.”

The recent collections feature more festive and dramatic pieces to complement the season’s fashion colours. Inspired by the relationship that Kajal shares with her clients, each piece has been uniquely designed to become an extension of the woman wearing it. Her focus is always on quality and craftsmanship.

“In terms of design, it has to be something real, lasting and substantial. The result is a series of responsibly sourced gem materials with a bold twist. My favourite stones at the moment are black and coffee diamonds, which add the exact amount of bling you need, making it very modern and relevant. I believe that true luxury is effortless, that sophistication is extremely sexy, and that jewellery is infinitely more stylish when it’s worn with a smile.”

After having successfully showcased her pieces in Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and London over the last 6 years, Kajal is now completing her latest collection of fine jewellery called Modern Vintage, which has been inspired by the recent trends in fashion and Hollywood. She plans to exhibit her pieces in America and the Middle East next year, where she believes there is a growing demand for this kind of jewellery.